My favourite Blogs

Hello everybody,
Yes, i’m alive! At the moment I have big exam stress, so i don’t  do not always have the time to write something new…
But today I wanna share with you my favorite Blogs:
The first I want to show you is 
The Blog informs daily about fashion, models, trends, lifestyle, outfits, music and photography. The team which writes the articles, consists  of Jessy and Schnati.
Jessy reported at the moment of the Stockholm fashion week, about what happens on the catwalk and behind the scenes.
Schnatti has her own column „Schati à Paris“ where she also reports on all her fashion life. It is a real source of inspiration and very informative. You know always what’s going on, whitout surfing all day on the net.
The second blog is
Andy is a Mexican stylist, who works as a freelancer, and blogging from Amsterdam. I think she represents the typical Dutch style, which is usually a bit more courageous and extraordinary, as for example the German. 
The third one is 
Chiara Ferragni is a Milanese law student, who shares outfits, trends, shopping and travel tipps. The blog is her own personal daily fashion diary. By reading her blog I got my passion for blogging and to follow the blogs. I love her blog because I can identify with her very well!

The next one is
Özil is a typical girl from Berlin and she writes about fahion, beauty and her life. I love to read her blog because of her berliner Style which is all the time just as edgy, as I like it.

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